Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Friday night Salsa Party @ The Engine Shed 24th October 2014 Rueda with Peter Robson

Friday at 8:00pm

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    The Engine Shed Wetherby
    York Road, LS22 The Engine Shed Salsa Night with Peter Robson of Salsa Simplemente
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    What is La Rueda?

    La Rueda de Casino, to give it its full name, is a group salsa dance from Cuba. "Casino" is the name for Cuban style salsa and “rueda” is Spanish for wheel.
    In La Rueda couples form a circle, the wheel of the name, and the whole group is under the control (Ha!) of the leader (the singer) who calls out the moves wholly at their whim. Moves are a mixture of pre-set combinations performed by couples (which can all be used in free-dance) plus various exchanges of partners and group patterns. The whole group performs these combination... See More

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