Thursday, 25 September 2014

FRIDAY@ THE ENGINE SHED...26th September

The Engine Shed Salsa Nights bring you inclusive fun in one of the UK's best venues: award-winning club nights with top-drawer guest teachers, performers,

8pm: doors
8.45: Beginner Fun Salsa with Alfredo
8:45 : Salsa class with Norman Blake
9.30: Resident Dj Alfredo, Dj Mikeb & guest DJ Sizzla

Buffet included; Secure parking; Superb main floor; Balcony-bar dance-floor (overlooking main floor); music at recording quality with state-of-the-art surround-sound & EC-standard air-con; free-entry raffle.

Licensing: Alcohol 12.00am; Music 2:00

£10 the lot
For more info contact :
Alfredo & Christine (SueƱo Latino) : 01423 861156 : 07751 594487 :

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